Reporting a Monster Who Cares

Please include the following information when making your report (in english) in the message box. After completing your report, press the send button.[2] 


1.    Describe the monster: What is its name? Who created it (originator, author, director, etc.)? When was it created and why? We’d like your opinion about why you think it was brought to life at that specific moment in time.

2.  Location: Where has this caring monster been sighted? Which book, film, magazine, video game or other place was it sighted in? Be as specific as possible.
3.   What is the origin of the monster in the world it lives in? Does it have “parents”? Family? Friends? Children? Can it reproduce? Does it have a sex or gender?  Write down your specific observations. Include as many details about the monster as possible.
4.    Document your observation by adding links to photos, film clips or other media. Be specific about how many caring activities are shown in relation to your documentation and also specifically describe the nature of the caring activities performed by the monster.


5.    Make sure to include your personal opinion about the monster in the report, and try to as specific as possible. What is the role of the monster in the world it lives in? What are your personal feelings and opinions about the monster.

Important note! A suggestion is to write your observation in a worddocument as a story in a cohesive, engaging report, following item 1-5 above. Break it up into paragraphs to make it easy to read, then copy and paste it into the message box and press send.

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