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Monsters That Care in Popular Culture—We will Document and Discuss Them Here


Monsters sometimes step out of character and suddenly engage in some kind of caring activity. Have you spotted such activities in a book, a movie, a comic, online or in a play? 

We want to know!


This project explores the caring activities of monsters in popular culture. We want to catalog monsters’ caring activities around the globe and analyze why, when and under what circumstances monster characters actually do care. Understanding caring and the ethics of caring is of utmost importance for post-human venues such as artificial intelligence and other creations.


If you have sighted a monster who cares in popular culture, please consider filing a report on this site. We will honor your effort in our research. 

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Report a Monster Who Cares

Report caring activities performed by monsters in popular culture. We will document and provide analyses of why, when and under what circumstances monsters actually care and then present our findings to the world.  Click here

Discuss Monsters Who Care

If you want to discuss a monster who cares with others please visit our discussion forum. Your knowledge about caring monster is of utmost importance in the project. We will present knowledge gained from the forum to the scientific community. Click here

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